Welcome to RenRegister

Welcome to the eFaire online event registration system. Thanks for your patience as we've been doing a fairly substantial under the hood reworking of the site for the last several weeks. All legacy data has been preserved, and existing users will still be able to see their old attendence records.

This site is an online registration system for vendors, guilds, stage acts, performers, modern clans, volunteers, and service orginizations which participate or attend any of the events which are registered through this site.

This site is also a great way to increase your visibility to event promoters who are looking for new talent and artisans. To get started, click on the Create Account link on the menu on the left side of the browser window.

While this site was created originally for the West Coast Renaissance Faire community, it has expanded across the country and for a range of events. Utilizing the site for applications is free for producers.

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